A Trip to the Coast: Planning a Trip to the Hamptons

It is a gorgeous vacation destination beloved by locals, families, and even celebrities. The Hamptons are located on a scenic portion of Long Island tucked away from the big city life. It is a breath of fresh air with blue waters, sandy dunes, historic landmarks, and windmills. Planning a trip to the Hamptons is easy thanks to the wide expanse of information online and the ability to book an entire trip remotely. There are several modes of transportation available to arrive at the Hamptons, a wide variety of lodging options, and plenty of attractions suitable for all ages.

Planning Transportation

Visitors can get to the Hamptons by train, bus, car, taxi, or airplane. There are pros and cons to each type of transportation. Many people find that taking the train is the most relaxing travel option. Flying undoubtedly would cost the most of travel methods but might be more practical for people coming from afar. Others find that bringing their own car or a rental is ideal for getting around the Hamptons with the ease and freedom of not requiring rides.

Booking Lodging

Looking online will reveal many places to stay in the hamptons. There are hotels, condos, inns, resorts, cabins, and cottages, and home rentals available as choices. Resorts tend to have the best amenities and proximity to the water. They also usually have in-house restaurants, bars, gift shops, spas, and more. Families may prefer to stay in detached rentals for more space and privacy. Many lodging options feature kitchenettes making it simple for guests to dine in if they choose to by cooking farm fresh ingredients from the local open air market.

Local Attractions

There are many beachside attractions for people that enjoy the water along with countless options for landlubbers. Starting with dining options, there are so many incredible fresh seafood restaurants that offer the catch of the day along with other fresh seafood choices. Not everyone loves seafood so worry not there are plentiful meal options with all varieties of food including Mexican, breakfast, and sweets.

Copious shopping is available for souvenirs, apparel, and antiques. Another major attraction are the local wineries. Visitors can attend tours and tastings while learning about how each varietal is made. Historic homes, nature trails, water sports, and plenty of nightlife with live music are other options for island guests. There is a little of everything on the island to keep guests entertained; literally something for everyone.

The Hamptons are a breathtaking oceanside destination. People travel from all over the globe to visit the area. There are several options for getting to the island in a variety of price ranges. Lodging choices are also abundant. Large suites in resorts, cottage rentals, and cabins are just a few offerings. After arriving for the vacation there is plenty to keep guests busy. Excellent dining options, water sports, historic landmarks, nature trails, wineries, and nightclubs are all pleasing options. Travel to the Hamptons for a relaxing, scenic vacation.