Experience Las Vegas Above and Beyond

Finding unique activities to do while on vacation can be a difficult task especially in a tourist filled city like Las Vegas Nevada. Las Vegas is truly a city that never sleeps and any one that has spent any time in Las Vegas will confirm that there are people everywhere, making a unique or private outdoor experience somewhat rare. However, one such experience that provides both adventure and seclusion is taking a helicopter tour of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Not convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons to take any scenic helicopter tours Las Vegas NV has to offer.

Nothing says VIP like a Helicopter

Make a stylish exit by jumping on a helicopter and wave goodbye. Nothing screams VIP or high-roller more than getting into a helicopter for a tour of the bright beautiful city that is Las Vegas. Getting into a helicopter will undoubtedly show everyone around that luxury transport are of the finer things in life to take part in.

A New Experience

Most people that travel to Las Vegas for a vacation of any length have probably been in an airplane at some point in their life but not many can say that they have been in a helicopter. A helicopter tour of Las Vegas provides a new view of the strip which many people don’t get to experience. A helicopter tour of Las Vegas won’t just provide a new traveling experience but a new outlook of the city and everyone’s favorite sites.

Amazing Photo Opportunities

Most people that go to Las Vegas are sure to have a camera in hand as the city offers an abundance of great photo opportunities. Just imagine the types of photos someone can take of the city while on a helicopter tour of Las Vegas. Any photography buff would love a helicopter tour just for the chance to take unique photos from above the city.

The Perfect Date

A great date night usually involves a few standard activities or outings but not many involve a helicopter tour of Las Vegas. Do something unique for that special someone and take them high up above on a helicopter tour, cozy up and see the 180 degrees of romantic sights. Any date night involving a Las Vegas helicopter tour will surely be one to remember for a lifetime.

Go Above and Beyond the Strip

Most tourists that go to Las Vegas stay within the casinos on the strip. However, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas have a lot more to offer and to see than just the strip. A helicopter tour can take adventurous tourists over the city, around the Hoover Dam, and even all the way to the Grand Canyon in no time at all giving those who partake a ride they will never forget. When planning to visit Las Vegas be sure to look into a helicopter tour of the city as it is sure to provide any tourist a unique and exhilarating experience. Be sure to bring a camera and a sense of adventure as a helicopter tour of Las Vegas will be a once in a lifetime type of journey.