Paradise Escaping at Anna Maria Island, Florida

Simple, calm, laid back type island living, daily access to powdered-liked sand while walking on the seashore and a breathtaking blue-green sea saltwater? How about a sanctuary for your retirement goals? Feel that wind blowing into your face now and smell the fresh air from the beach, can’t get enough of the excitement? View from your mind that picturesque imagination indicated, is Maria Island’s way of life. but first, let’s take all the information we needed before heading to Maria Island, Florida.

Located in Central West Coast of Florida, Tampa Bay on the North, Anna Maria Sound on the east, the Gulf of Mexico on the west, and the Longboat Pass on the south. With its neighboring cities Sarasota, Bradenton which is at the southern part, and St. Petersburg on Tampa Bay area. Ana Maria Island is a 7 miles island strip adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico and is named after Anna Maria Ceravolo.

According to History Anna Maria Island was then conquered by both Narvaez and Hernando Expedition in 1539, Legends also indicates about Spanish Explorers. These explorers gave each historical background on naming the Island. According to the earlier history of expeditions, stating that as first people who settled in the Island and dominated the original settlers made a proclamation of naming it under its wife which is Maria and sister in law’s name Anna. They then partnered with real estate developer from the nearby city and developed it to build streets, sidewalks, bridges, houses and water systems. On the other hand, legends say that Spanish explorers named the island in honor of the Virgin Mary and her mother, Ann. Some myths records said that it was named after the queen of Charles!! Of Spain who sponsored his expedition.

Anna Maria Island has its perfect summer weather all year round giving you to take advantage of walking in the beach, picking shells on the seashore, water skiing or surfing or dining in the most luxurious way or having it simple near the sea. Temperatures all year averages from 83 degrees, and you get to have hot and humid days depending on the month or season you plan to get your vacation as it considered as the perfect summer getaway spot during the winter season on some areas. Since Anna Maria Island has two seasons, wet and dry seasons people from neighboring cities get to enjoy the summer feels during the month of October, November, December, January until April. It is indicated that the perfect season to surfing and all summer outdoor activities are during the of July and August. Other months may give you rainfall averaging from 7-55.7 inches but does not last a day. During summertime, there can be an occurrence of thunderstorms which is just typical, and hurricanes do not form on Anna Maria Island’s geographical location. With the advent of web rentals, you can’t go wrong in finding any type of vacation rentals anna maria island fl as there are thousands of luxurious hotels and at the same time typical cottages at the beach areas to cater your perfect summer adventure

The cares about the ins and outs in the island, take note that the only way is the Gulf drive, there are taxi’s and public transport serving Anna Maria Island. As the Island’s major economic goal is to draw more and more visitor’s even with the bad side effects of overcrowded place during the peak seasons.